Thursday, March 04, 2004

The position of RIAA today is the defend the artist that creates the song with their talent and creativity and the record industry that records the music into CDs, and the retailers that are selling all the albums to the customers, who are buying the album to satisfy their musical gratification. Everyone in the music industry is contributing to the album, and that is how they make a living. If all the consumers just download the music online, they will not only be stealing the intellectual property of the artist, they are also taking advantage of the recorder and the retailer. Such behavior and conduct is definitely a criminal act; therefore, the RIAA is taking a stand and trying to stop this bad trend by taking legal actions.

However, the current "business model" of the music industry is no longer adequate for the world, internet is highly accessible to the public, anyone is able to share anything they want to through the internet, moreover, the fast pace development of "peer to peer" network file sharing is aggravating the problem. If people are able to get something for free, there is no way you are able to make them pay for it; especially in this case, consumers are able to get the music once it is created by the artist, why would they want to pay for the extra recording and retail cost?

Although this is the case, RIAA definitely has it purpose to exist for the music industry, consumers are still held liable for legal downloading and file sharing, and RIAA is in the position to take a legal stand to rectify the situation. One way to save the music industry, is to modify the business model and protect the artist by providing legal downloading. It is absolutely unfair to copy someone's intellectual property or sharing it with others with paying a price for it.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

The internet has been a media that carries all kinds of different information and data, and different website addresses are just like different channels of the TV, except that these websites are probabaly more accessible than TV in some occasions.

According to the article " Internet Filters and Public Libraries" of David L. Sobel: In 1997, the U.S Surpreme court ruled that the Internet is entitled to the highest degree of free speech protection. Noting that “the content on the Internet is as diverse as human thought,” the Court stated that there is “no basis for qualifying the level of First Amendment scrutiny that should be applied to this medium.”

This is a remarkable decision made by the court, and put the internet under the umbrella of the first amendment. according to the
same article by David Sobel, On June 23, 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 6-3 ruling, declared the Children’s Internet Protection Act constitutional.1 CIPA conditions the receipt of federal funds by public libraries upon the installation of filtering software thatblocks access to material that is “obscene,” “child pornography” or “harmful to minors.”

As a result, the governmont is controlling the information that a individual can recieve, and it is againt the First Amendment of the Constitution

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

1. I think the website is owned by FOX FE ( Film Entertainment) , which is part of News America Group.
2. The innovators are Dr. Peter Bogert, Dr. milton Ashe and Dr. Gerald Black; however, there is no contact info provided. Also, not clear of who written the website.
3. The website is created as an informational website that provides news about the new domestic robot product; a news page instead of personal website.
4. The purpose and main content of each section is clear and obvious, the topics are sorted clearly.
5. Not very clear about when the website was created and last updated
6. The website's intended audience are general adults that might be in the need of a personal or domestic assistant.
7. The website "seems" to have valid and accurate information, but not much details are provided, the strongest evidence will be the 3 innovators of this product. And yet, there aren't any grammar or spelling errors.
8.The website doesn't seem to be linked to any outside websites, and there are pop-ups of a movie clip of the robot
9. The website has all the basic functions working, as in all the links and images are loading fine, the navigation is fairly easy for me to go through the site, because the topics are sorted in logical orders.
10. The elements of the website are mostly relevant to the theme, and the lay out is very awesome; however, I do find the text kind of small to read.

The main part of the site is obviously created with Flash, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this.
When using Flash, everything is pre-loaded, so once you can start seeing the Flash running, there shouldn't be much hard time loading it anymore. Flash can have really catchy and flashy results, but some people tend to think that all the effects are redundant and annoying, so it is necessary for the writer of the site to let people skip the effects and jump right into the content. And this website did take care of this part; however, it takes too long every time I am trying to go to another page or topic because the flash has to run from bottom to top, top to bottom and then bottom to middle and finally displaying all the text and image. This part was definitely overdone. The website overall has many good looking special effects and flashy images; however, it didn't cover enough of tea basic and crucial elements. The site create date wasn't stated, and neither was the last update time, the only thing that has to do with date is only " arriving July 16", which still is not clear because it might be July 16 of 2002 or 2003 or 2005. As for image and lay out wise, this website is absolutely good, but for practicality, it is not a very good piece.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

I ran a search on the Google search engine on the movie " Lord of The Rings", the most famous movies with in the recent three years.
As I found in the search results, the first website was the official website: lordoftheringsfindings.net, a ".net" website. Other than the official website of Lord of The Rings, most of the other ones tend to be commercial oriented, meaning mostly all ".com". Most of the websites are able to review since Lord of The rings is a relatively new movie, however, I do find that a very very few websites haven't been updated since the second part of the trilogy.

a) I think the interactive digital element has affected most of the contemporary films in a way that they are lot more flexible are more optional for their audience, for instance, people are able to guide the direction of the story of the movie on a DVD, they can enjoy multiple outcomes on a same movie. Audience can completely skip any part of the film and jump right into the part they want to enjoy without having to rewind through every part they are skipping.

b) Many websites have incorporated a live radio on to their website, most of all the official websites of a news or music company have a live radio which you can listen from whenever you log on to the website.

c) The internet is just like another media other than television and radio, except it is highly interactive, which in this case plays a very important role of advertisement of anything, including movies and films. The advantage of internet is that anybody can watch a preview anytime they can to log on to internet, however, commercials on TV are randomly selected and won't be as interactive as the internet. Also, the internet can be used to sell tickets for movies, which is a great way to promote a film production.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Just looking at the definition of the two terms "digital" and "analog", we could summarize the difference in one sentence: digital is discreet and analog is continuous. Digital technology transforms data and transmit the data in forms of discreet numerical format, thus, digital technology is more computer oriented. Analog technology have things in its original format, which is continuous.

Digital and analog are mutually exclusive, meaning that it has to be either one of the two. To be more specific, a photograph in digital form would be composed of pixels; digital technology breaks down the original format and transform them into discreet units, which is used to transmit in computer systems. For another example, if a piece of music is digital format, all the sound waves are encoded into discreet numerical data units, human beings have no access to it with their ears, a device used to decode the digital format will be required to gain access to this music; like a MP3 player.

Friday, January 16, 2004

1. SEARCH ENGINE: The most well known online tool for gathering information. It has the function of collecting information for users when they type in the key words of the information they are looking for.

2. DIGITAL: All data being transmitted in electrical signals in the form of "on or off".

3. WIRELESS TELEGRAPH: cordless device used to transmit telegrams.

4. HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE: The well know computer language for webpage design, also known as HTML.

5. SMART MOB: Mobile device that is equipped with digital technology

6. DOMAIN NAME: A series of alphabetical letters used to provide an address of a computer connection network and also identifies the owner of the address.

7. IP ADDRESS: The internet address of the network connection provider, it is a series of numbers, ex:

8. PHREAKER: Someone who would crack the telephone network, as in making free long distance calls

9. GLOBAL VILLAGE: A term meaning that the world has become a village where everyone is connected with one another due to the rapid development of media

10. BROWSER: A program designed to display data from sources on network connections.

I would like to suggest that this class should cover some factors about how the rapid development in media would affect the business world, the entertainment industry, and the music industry.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

1) Portable CD player, cell phone, Internet , color TV, radio,

2) I cannot really give up any of them forever, maybe one day or two at most.

3) My parents and grandparents only had TV( probabaly black and white), phones at home, telegram, and radio.

4)Apparently, the media tools at my age provided a lot more content than those in the old days. Also, they were more portable and highly accessible for its users. These facts contributed to the result that I have a lot more access to informations of any type than my parents and grandparents. For instance, we have portable phones nowadays while they only had home phones back then; this made us more easier to reach whereever we are rather than only reachable by phone when at home. On the other side, we are able to reach information of things whereever we are as long as we carry the cell phone.

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